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We offer a variety of application development services to meet your needs.

Web Application Development

We can develop your interactive web site in a variety of languages and technologies such as ASP.NET+MVC, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails, Sitefinity, Wordpress, etc. In addition to backend development languages and technology frameworks and platforms, we are highly proficient in front-end UI technologies such as jQuery and Kendo UI.

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Cloud Architecture & Development

We have experience developing and architecting cloud-based application solutions on both Microsoft Windows Azure & Amazon Web Services.

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Custom CRM & CMS Development

We can develop your custom Customer Relationship Management or Content Manager Server when you want a customized highly focused application to manage your data. We also specialize in developing Subscriber Management Software for non-profits.

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iOS App Development

From prototype to launch, we help you through the iOS development process to help bring your idea to market. We'll also counsel you on whether your app has viability in the app marketplace, and whether your app makes sense from an ROI perspective.

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About us

We strive to meet or exceed your expectations and help
you find a solution that works and is on-budget.

What we belive

If you want to reach for the stars, we will build the rocketship to get you there.

chilitechno has a wide proficiency in a number of hot technologies including ASP.NET + MVC as well as iOS + Objective-C development. If you have an idea for a project and aren't looking for a full scale implementation, we can work with you to develop a small-scale prototype, which is useful for impressing investors for funding, or useful for doing market research. Other benefits of prototype work include developing a micro feature-set to bootstrap your idea into a full fledged business over time.

prototype + level up: build.enterprise
chilitechno also has strong experience developing enterprise level applications for Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, bringing the seed idea to maturity through rapid iterative application development.

We don't take on every client that contacts us. Sometimes what our prospective clients want and our vision is for them don't always align. When that happens we'll point them in the right direction or offer them advice so they can find a solution.

Meet our team

Deep breadth of experience, driven curiosity
and interest in new technology drives and motivates us.

If we aren’t learning new things, we’re not maximizing our potential.


Founder & Enterprise Architect



Software Engineer



Software Engineer

iOS, Rails, PHP, MySQL


“Dog Fooding” Code Tester

Bones, Treats, Long Walks


  • Walking & Stalking

    Walking & Stalking

    iOS App Development

  • Mafia Maps, New York

    Mafia Maps

    iOS App Development


    Web Development

  • Bonjournal


    iOS App Development

  • Pint Club

    Pint Club

    iOS App Development

  • Six Word Memoirs

    Six Word Memoirs

    iOS App Development

  • cloudsyncr


    iOS App Development

  • runLoggr

    iOS App Development


Wide depth and breadth of clients;
from small one-person shops to Fortune 100 multi-national corporations.
  • SmithMag LLC
  • Discovery Communications
  • Saatch & Saatchi
  • Bonjournal
  • Modernsignal
  • MangoLabs


We are New York local in scope but
can work with you globally in reach. Get in touch to find out how.

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Where you can find us?

We are proudly based out of SoHo, Lower Manhattan in New York City. Give us a call or send us an email and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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